With the high temperature reached, having a working air conditioning system in Queensland is a necessity, not a luxury. The last thing you need when you get into a hot car and turn on the A/C is a bad smell coming out your vents. It really pays to have your A/C check by Radiator Specialists on the Gold Coast before the hot season arrives so you can enjoy driving in comfort.

But just why does your car’s air conditioner, smells bad, these are the five most likely causes:


When you use your air conditioner it causes water condensation to collect inside your a/c housing. The combination of heat and moisture makes an ideal breeding ground for fungus and mould. These tend to grow, reproduce and live around your evaporator core. When your blower starts up it blows air across the evaporator surface and collects this smell sending into your cab via the vents.

Dirty Cabin Filters

Many air conditioners recycle the air inside your vehicle through the air conditioning system as an energy saving measure. As the air is sucked into the air intake any smell introduced into the vehicle such as cigarette smoke, children of pet accident smells, foods and other sources can become trapped in filters and then compound over time. When you turn on the a/c these smell can then be redistributed around the cabin

Dirty Primary Air Filters

It is important to regularly clean your primary air conditioner filters as they can collect dirt, dust and dust mites as well as stagnant water and other airborne pollutants. The resulting bad smell will reoccur every time you turn on your a/c unless you replace or clean the filters regularly.

Gas leaks

There are a variety of gas leaks you could detect coming from your a/c unit, petrol smells if you have a fuel leak, exhaust leaks from a faulty manifold or muffler and even a smell of gas if you have a dual fuel vehicle

To solve these problems, you’ll need to have the leak repaired by a Mechanic on the Gold Coast.

You can look for the leak yourself by checking the fuel lines, fuel pressure regulator and your whole exhaust system to see if there are any leaks in these areas is in this area.

As most of these leaks can also be an explosive or poisoning danger, it is advisable to have your vehicle checked by a professional Mechanic on the Gold Coast.


Your cars cooling system uses a toxic liquid called ethylene glycol as an antifreeze agent. This has a sweetish smell and if your smelling it, then it’s likely you have a leak in your cooling system. Often this can come from the heater core, radiator, coolant housing unit or any of the pipes and connectors to rectify this, have your vehicle serviced.

Your best option for taking care of bad smells quickly and completely is to get your car to a reputable and qualified service center at your earliest convenience. This will allow a mechanic on the Gold Coast to find the cause and fix it so your air conditioner unit operates as good as new without the unpleasant smell.