Most people when they first see a potential vehicle, whether new or used are attracted by its appearance. That lovely painted exterior will last a long time if you take the necessary steps to maintain it. Your mechanic on the Gold Coast will help you look after the engine and running gear, but the interior and exterior paint work is best looked after by the owner. These five tips will help you preserve your vehicle’s paint and good looks.

  1. Wash it Thoroughly

Probably the most important factor in maintaining your vehicle’s paint is to keep it clean. The frequency of washing depends on the conditions it’s used and kept in. For normal use, washing it weekly is a good idea. If it’s kept under a car cover or garaged and not used every day, then it would not require washing as often. If it’s kept outside and subject to salt and sandladen air or under trees where bird and insect droppings or pollen lands on it regularly, then it would require more frequent washing

2. Do Not Use Harsh Detergents or Brushes

You can purchase everything you need to keep your car clean at your local auto shop or your friendly local mechanic on the Gold Coast will be able to supply it at a very reasonable cost from their shop. Things like car wash detergents, chamois, sponges, soft cloths and soft brushes.

Always use a dedicated car-wash cleaner as these have been made with a low pH especially to protect your paint. Normal household cleaners are very harsh and acidic; this can damage the paint surface and spoil its appearance. There are different cleaners designed for tyres, windscreens, interior upholstery and other surfaces around your vehicle

3. Waxes and Paint Sealants

Car waxes are designed to place a thin protective film over the painted surface to help protect it from the weather and harsh conditions. They should be applied every few months to help keep the shine and luster as well as keeping your car waterproof.

An auto paint sealant is normally used once or twice a year to make a protective layer. Normally you need to mix it up according to the manufacturer’s directions to help keep your paint in pristine condition

4. Keep Your Vehicle Covered

Sunlight contains harmful ultraviolet rays that can cause your paint to fade over time. Keeping your vehicle under cover will help not only to keep it clean, but stop the sun’s damaging effects. If you don’t have a garage or carport using a quality car cover will help protect it, but always make sure to wash your vehicle before putting on a car cover.

When parking during the day, try to find a shady spot instead of leaving it in bright sunshine

5. Park Defensively

Park at the far end of the parking lot to help avoid damage from other vehicles and minimize the possibility of dents and scratches from a careless car occupant who opens their door and dents or scratch your car

Take pride in your vehicle’s appearance and always keeping it washed and polished with a suitable car cleaning product as well as having your mechanic shop on the Gold Coast deals with any dents, scratches or rust spots.