The price of vehicles is increasing along with repairs and fuel, to keep it’s value and avoid a breakdown or auto air conditioning failure on the Gold Coast during a hot day, service it regularly.

These five tips to extend the life of your car:

  1. Read and follow the vehicles Manual and maintenance schedule

When you know your vehicle well and keep up with all the recommended maintenance schedules, it helps to avoid costly breakdowns. Regular servicing is designed to make sure all aspects of your vehicle are kept in the best condition possible. It also ensures you’re protected under the manufacturer’s warranties

  1. Drive less

Short journeys are hard on engines, reduce your fuel mileage and are hard on the environment. You should avoid using your vehicle if you’ll not be running it long enough to have it reach its normal operating temperature. The exhaust system, when you first startup, collects lots of condensation so if it doesn’t heat completely, water can accumulate in the muffler causing it to rust.

Consider walking short distances, saving your vehicle fuel and money while getting fitter

  1. Check all your fluid levels and have your engine oil changer regularly

All the fluid levels in a modern vehicle are easy to check, your radiator should be filled with antifreeze and this level can be checked along with the brake fluid, power steering, engine and transmission levels.

Changing engine oil at the recommended times is vital and one of the most important preventative measures you can take to prolong the life of your vehicle. Engine oil breaks down and loses lubricating properties, so if you don’t change the oil, it causes all moving parts of your engine to wear quickly. You should also change the oil filter as they are relatively inexpensive.

Check the owners manual it will tell you about the recommended oil change schedule.

As often as possible fill your tank to the top when refueling, this will prevent any rust developing inside. If you always keep it always empty condensation will form inside. When you fuel up, it’s a good time to check all fluid levels and your tyres, especially if you planning a long trip

  1. Wash Regularly

Washing and polishing your vehicle regularly not only keeps it looking great it protects it. Dirt and salt laden air is particularly detrimental to your vehicle’s bodywork. Using a quality car shampoo and body wax product will help your vehicle retain its appearance and market value for years.

  1. Change the air cleaning filter

The air filter needs to be changed regularly and if you operate in dusty conditions. It should be checked as a dirty filter will reduce your vehicle performance and fuel efficiency. It’s also necessary to check the cabin air conditioner filter, this controls the quality of air inside the vehicle, ask the auto air conditioning service center on the Gold Coast to assist you if you can’t locate the filter.

One of your most expensive assets, your car needs to be looked after to maintain its value, ensuring the tyres are inflated properly, your engine oil is replaced at the recommended times and keeping the vehicle clean inside and out will maintain its value for longer.