Summer on the Gold Coast is filled with endless hot days that can test your vehicle, especially the cooling system. It’s important to have your local mechanics in Currumbin do a complete regular service, but sometimes, without warning, sneaky issues such as having a low radiator coolant level can cause the motor to overheat. It pays to check your cooling system and other fluid levels before taking a long trip.

These five tips will help you get to a repair shop to have it checked before it causes any damage:

  1. Turn off your Air Conditioner

An air conditioner uses a lot of power to keep you cool inside and this causes the motor to run hotter. If you see the temperature start to rise, the first thing you should do is turn off your AC unit while you’re still driving

  1. Turn Your Heater On

Although this may sound strange, this is a good fast way to cool your motor down. Open your windows and turn the heater on full. This will draw some of the heat from your motor allowing you to safely pull over and out of the traffic

  1. Turn off Your Motor

With a very hot motor it’s best to turn it off and wait until it cools down. Usually, this can take 30 minutes or more. Opening the bonnet will help the cooling process by allowing the excess heat to escape.

Do not open the cooling system or remove the radiator cap until the radiator is cool enough to touch with your hand

  1. Rev the Motor

If the motor is slightly overheated and not in the danger zone, slightly revving the engine while in neutral or park will help to cool it down enough, so you can inspect it or drive it to your friendly mechanics in Currumbin so that they can do a complete inspection

  1. Add Coolant or Water

It is important to understand that the cooling system is pressurized and when hot is extremely dangerous. It should never be opened unless cold.

If you have a lot of water you can slowly pour cold water over the radiator which will draw way a lot of the heat.

Once your motor has cooled you can top up the radiator overflow tank to the recommended level. If you open the radiator in a late model car you will break the siphon seal and need to have the whole system checked, so only top up the reservoir tank.

In some older cars, the radiator can be filled directly at the radiator cap once it has cooled down.

It’s important to find out the reason your motor overheated, these tips can help you if your vehicle overheats while driving.

Overheating while driving can be a sign of a potential problem so your vehicle needs to be checked and the reason for it overheating investigated, so visit your mechanics in Currumbin for a full Checkup.

If your vehicle overheats while driving, turn off your air conditioner and turn on your heater, this will allow the motor to cool quickly. You will then be able to pullover safely and investigate the reason it’s getting hot. Once the motor has cooled enough to touch the radiator add coolant.