Anywhere you travel around Queensland it’s likely to involve a long road trip, so it’s important your vehicle’s in top condition. Have it regularly services by your friendly mechanics in Currumbin. They will keep it in the best condition, but you still need to make a few checks before a long road trip.

Do these maintenance checks before you leave:


Good tyres are important for any road trip as these are your contact point on the road. Ensure their enough tread and no cuts, splits or signs of cracking. It’s important to check the spare as well as over time the pressure can be lost.

Check the tyre pressure if they are under-inflated it will result in reduced fuel efficiency if over-inflated they can cause the tires to wear unevenly and wear out quickly. It’s a good idea when travelling to check the tyre pressure and inspect the tyres every time you fill the tank.

Check the Fluids

Just like we all need the right amount and type of fluid to survive so does your vehicle, always travel with plenty of extra water.

Engine Oil

Oil is critical for all vehicle motors, your engine requires it for lubrication and it assists with cooling. Normally the oil’s changed when your vehicle is serviced, but you should still check it before a long trip. Pull out the dipstick and see the level of the oil, petrol engine oil should be clear and not smell burnt. Older diesel engines will tend to have black oil, but check to see it’s not gritty and top up if necessary.

Radiator Fluid

Your coolant extracts the heat from your engine and as it flows through the radiator the airflow draws away from the heat. If your coolant level is low, this process becomes less efficient and can cause overheating. This can result in further coolant loss and cause possible damage to your engine.

Always check and top up the radiator when your engine is cool, usually before a trip and whenever you stop for a break.

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid needs to be checked regularly, especially before a long trip. If your brake pedal feels spongy of you notice any extra travel it’s important to have the brakes checked by a professional.

Power Steering Fluid

The power steering reservoir needs to be checked and topped up. If it becomes low or contaminated your steering will become less responsive and it’s harder to turn correctly.

Transmission Fluid

Check the transmission fluid level and top it up in necessary to ensure your gears change smoothly and if you have an auto transmission of a low fluid level can stop your gearbox working.

Windscreen Fluid

Having a clean windscreen is very important anytime, but when travelling it can get covered in mud, grime, insects or splashed with dirty water. Having your reservoir full of washer fluid means you can quickly clean the windscreen at any time. Using the right windscreen detergent is important so you don’t get a streaky effect.

Your mechanics in Currumbin will gladly check your vehicle for you before taking a long road trip and it’s a wise precaution as getting stranded is not only inconvenient but can be dangerous.