Auto Air Conditioning Gold Coast

Auto air conditioning on The Gold Coast is not an option now it’s a necessity, every new vehicle now comes with it as a standard feature. Customers demand it and often they want several units, one for the front seat passengers and another in the rear so passengers in the back seats have their own controllable and directional systems.

About your auto air conditioner

Your auto air conditioner uses an environmentally harmless gas called R-134a refrigerant (for years Freon a hazardous gas was used, but they stopped using it because it depletes the ozone layer) which is compressed in a sealed system. This action causes it to heat up as it absorbs the heat energy around it. Then the gas is passed through a series of tubes where its heat is dissipated causing it to from back into a liquid. This process is how your car-con produces the cooling effect you feel when you turn on your air-con

The air conditioner in your works in much the same way as the one you have in your home,using a fan or blower, compressor, condenser, drier or evaporator refrigeration lines and sensors
Auto Air Conditioning Gold Coast
This is what they do

Your vehicles compressor is like the heart of the AC system. It compresses the refrigeration gas, this pressurises it, causing it to absorb the heat in the surrounding air which cools the air.

A drive belt between the engine and the compressor’s electric clutch turns the compressor; this compresses the gas and has a pumping action.

The condenser

This unit is a bit like a smaller version of the radiator on your car and often mounted in front of it. Often it has an electric fan to assist the air flow, especially in slow traffic or when the vehicle is not moving.

The hot refrigerant gas pass through the condenser and cools down as the heat its carrying dissipates. This action causes the gas to reform into a cool liquid

The evaporator is similar to the condenser; but this small unit does the exact opposite of the condenser. Super cool refrigerant liquid is pumped through its super fine tubes by the compressor.

Air is then blown through the evaporator, this air is instantly chilled as it comes into contact with the very cold refrigerant filled tubes just as it’s blown into your vehicle cabin.

The refrigerant gas absorbs the heat from the air and then turns back into a gas as it continues it’s never ending journey around this closed system

Several types of valves used in most auto air conditioners, they all do the same basic thing, they control the air temperature by adjusting the amount of cool refrigerant that goes to the evaporator

This is a safety device used to catch any liquid or contaminants in the system. The compressor is designed to only compress gas, if only a very small amount of liquid is still present after the heat exchanging action of the evaporator it could damage the compressor. It also catches any water that may get into the system. This is accomplished chemically using a desiccant and a filter

The in-cabin filter is fitted to your air-con unit so all the air that passes through the unit is properly filtered before it’s released into the cabin of your car. Have ever noticed a bad or musty smell coming from your air-con vents when you switch on the unit? The usual cause of this is a bacteria build up in or around the screen caused by residual moisture.

Currumbin RadiatorsIf this is not rectified it can cause a range of health issues, so this filter needs to be inspected and cleaned, treated or replaced during your air-con service.

Every vehicle manufacturer has its own variations in the way they make and install the air conditioners in their vehicles. They have different sensors and switches to adjust and control the temperature inside the cab, but they all have the same main components.

To find out more about your vehicles particular air conditioning system, see a workshop manual or Google it.

Why you need Auto air conditioning services Gold Coast

A home mechanic could technically recharge their own air conditioner with refrigerant, but this is one area of vehicle maintenance that is best left to a qualified professional. This is for several reasons, one being that refrigerant gases tends to displace oxygen, so if you accidentally inhale some the air would be pushed from your lungs, which would not be a pleasant experience.

Another reason is that it is not always easy to find the reason your system has stopped working.

When you take your car to an auto air conditioning center on The Gold Coast, you can be sure that it will be serviced properly and the job will last.

What they will do

This is because the older type of refrigerant gas used was very toxic and damaged the ozone layer contributing to global warming

The best way to ensure your auto air conditioner remains in good working condition is to use it at least once a month for several hours and have it serviced annually. This is best done by a local specialist at an auto air conditioner center

The old type of refrigerant “Freon” although it is environmentally toxic, had lubricating properties that the new refrigerants do not have, so a compatible lubricant needs to be added at each service to ensure the internal parts are properly lubricated.

sliderHow much it could cost air conditioning gold coast

The cost of having your air conditioner re-gassed depends on whether you will need any spare parts or just need a basic re-gas which costs around $150.

The basic cost includes a comprehensive check of your whole air condition system by our technicians before we re-gas it. If there are no leaks found and the system passes all of the Queensland legal requirements and tests, our technician will re-gas your air condition unit

The benefits of hiring a professional Auto air conditioning service Gold Coast

The advantage of hiring a fully trained professional Auto air conditioning service to fix your air-con is that you will know that your whole system has been completely checked and is top running order. You will not have to worry about it failing during the hot season and it will function perfectly in the hot climatic conditions on The Gold Coast.

Auto air conditioning on The Gold Coast is a necessary part of life while travelling any time, but especially during the summer months. Do not get caught out with a faulty unit by having it serviced during the off season, before the heat starts to set in and everyone is rushing to have their auto air-con serviced.

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