Auto Mechanic Gold Coast

Auto Mechanic Gold Coast

Your automotive mechanic Gold Coast is a highly trained professional who is capable of performing inspections, maintenance, diagnostic testing and repairs of all types of small trucks and cars. They are trained how to work on general problems associated with engines, transmissions, brakes, steering, cooling systems and electric’s such as navigation and accident avoidance systems.

Some Auto mechanics are great all-rounders who through experience and training can handle most of the normal problems motorists encounter while others specialise in different areas such as Air-conditioning, brake repairs, transmissions, radiators and cooling systems, front end repairs, tyres, wheel balancing, alignment and wheel balancing.

How An Auto Mechanic Works

Generally an auto mechanic on the Gold Coast uses a variety of tools, computerized diagnostic equipment and their experience to do their Job. Some of the areas they cover are:

  • Changing repairing, replacing, aligning, balancing or rotating tyres
  • Replacing worn brake pads or rotors, bleeding and servicing brake systems
  • Adjusting wheel bearings, king pins and suspension parts
  • Changing oil and fuel filters, oil and other automotive fluids
  • Engine tune ups

Many mechanics on the Gold Coast are self-employed or work for private enterprises, although there’s a growing number of mechanics working for local government and within the armed services. It usually involves full time work, weekend work and overtime in the private sector.

Due to the physical nature of the work, it’s considered a high risk job from injury due to:

  • Heavy lifting
  • Awkward working positions
  • Oil and grease causing slipping with a high likelihood of bruising and grazes occurring
  • Hot engines, exhaust and cooling systems can all be very hot and working on them in confined spaces and be hazardous
  • Many sharp objects that are likely to causing cuts or scratches can be found in and around automobiles

Some of the actions of a mechanic on the Gold Coast include:

  • Inspecting the condition of diesel and gasoline vehicles for maintenance and preventative maintenance
  • Determining the cause of and repairing malfunctions
  • Using visual and auditory examination techniques including compression testers and gauges, engine analyzers, multi-meters and computer programs
  • Performing time compliance and scheduled servicing
  • Using personal, professional judgment to determine if adjustments or replacement of worn parts is required
  • Making body repairs from collision’s and fixing corrosion issues, repainting or surface restoration and panel work
  • Repair and replace locks, lights and windows
  • Radiator and air cooler repairs, testing and maintenance
  • Repairing or replacing tyres, aligning and balance wheels
  • Ordering and fitting of new parts or refurbished parts as required

Many keen Australian’s have always been keen on doing many things themselves including maintaining and servicing their own vehicles. Until recently tinkering and maintain your own vehicle has been relatively easy, but with the sophisticated and technical nature of many of today’s vehicles the only practical solution is to take it to your local mechanic on The Gold Coast, they have the knowledge and equipment necessary to work on your vehicle.

Being an auto mechanic on the Gold Coast has gone from being a job where you could get by with a simple tool kit and logical approach to an area where you need to be a technician who understands how to trouble shoot automotive problems. Today’s modern mechanic is like a detective solving a crime using a computer and other specialised electronic tools that need to be plugged into a vehicle’s onboard computer system.

Working as an auto mechanic on the Gold Coast is physically demanding, you need to run through an extensive checklist of possibilities to find the correct solution to any auto problem and understand the technical jargon and used in the industry. A mechanic then needs to be able to translate this to their customers so they can make an informed decision on the options available for repairs and servicing required on their vehicle.

An Auto mechanic on the Gold Coast can help you keep your car running in top condition by doing the required servicing at the correct times as well as giving you advise on when you need extra preventative maintenance done because of the special conditions you may encounter on the Gold Coast such as salt spray, extreme heat form the sun as well as dust and sand which can have a very abrasive action on many areas of your vehicle.

By having your mechanic on the Gold Coast maintaining and servicing your vehicle at the required times and entering this into the vehicles log book you can show potential buyers of your car that it has been maintained to the highest degree. This allows you to ask a better price as you can show they are getting a well-cared for and maintained vehicle in top condition, without issues.

To be a mechanic on the gold coast you need to have a passion for the industry and be a computer technician, engineer and mechanic as well as have people skills to be able to advise and help your customers.