It’s normal in Queensland for people to use their air cons constantly because of the hot climate, if you notice a reduction of airflow or temperature early on you may be able to have your air-con serviced by a Car Air Conditioning Company on the Gold Coast before any fatal or expensive damage occurs.

The main causes of having a weak airflow

  • Mold or mildew growing in your evaporator core from residual moisture that is left during the cooling down process
  • A loose or broken blower supply hose
  • If any of the seals in your system fail the whole system will be compromised
  • If your ventilation fan is faulty

Why does my air-con not cool so well?

  • A Freon leak because of a failed seal, hose or o-ring
  • The expansion tube or refrigerant hose is clogged
  • The compressor or compressor clutch have failed
  • A resistor in the blower motor has failed
  • There are vacuum leaks around the system
  • There is a failed switch, relay, control module, fuse, solenoid or blend door

A leak in the system is known as an “open system”. If this is found early you may have a less expensive repair bill, but if moisture has entered the system, it could have damaged some vital and expensive parts. So it is a good idea to have your air-con serviced at the first sign of any trouble.

When your air-con starts cool, but then seems to warm up

This could be one thing or a combination of things such as:

  • The expansion valve is clogged, so some refrigerant gets through, then freezes and stops working
  • The compressor clutch is not engaging
  • A fuse is shorting out intermittently
  • A leak in the system allows moisture inside where it mixes with refrigerant and forms corrosive acids that destroy the seals and gaskets inside

Most air-con repairs require a car air conditioning mechanic on the Gold Coast, they’re specially trained mechanics and possess the correct tools and equipment to service and repair your air-con unit.

How to test for an air-con leak

  • Refrigerants are often mixed with a UV die so can be detected using a Black light
  • A gas sniffer is a gadget that can detect gas

What causes an air conditioning unit to leak?

The main reason for a leaky air conditioning unit is age. When an air-con unit gets old, moisture can gain access through rubber seals and hoses that start to break down over time allowing also allowing Freon to leak out.

This can result in damage to the devices used by the system to remove moisture and protect it. Devices such as the accumulator, drier and receiver are often replaced by your mechanic on the Gold Coast during a normal routine service to help prolong the working life of your air-con.

Motorists in Queensland love and constantly use their air-cons, but after a few years of heavy use, it’s not unusual for the units to lose their cooling ability. This is due largely to age and the rubber components breaking down. As soon as you notice these changes have the unit serviced to avoid costly repairs