Most modern cars for the sake of ease and economy use parts that are disposable, they’re usually replaced and not repaired, this is especially true for radiators and other parts of a vehicle’s cooling system. Older model cars and trucks were made with easily repairable copper and brass radiators. If you were able to solder and braze fittings, then it was relatively easy to fix most radiators. But modern radiators made of aluminum and plastic, components that are crimped together and very difficult to fix unless you have the right specialist equipment such as you would find at a Radiator repair shop on the Gold Coast.

Made cheaply to be replaced not fixed

The modern radiator is not made to be fixed; often it is cheaper and safer to just replace it than try to repair it. This is because it is very difficult to fix the thin aluminium core components and thermo plastic used in its construction, so they cannot be easily repaired. When you consider the cost of having a mechanic on the Gold Coast spend several hours trying to repair one of these radiators, it is more cost efficient to just purchase and install a new one that will give you at least 10 years trouble free motoring.

Radiator Adhesive

There are many products on the market that are supposed to help you fix a damaged or leaking radiator form soluble oil and pepper to epoxy putties, adhesives and sealants. At the very best these are only useful as a very temporary fix that will help you get home or to a repair shop, but cannot be trusted. Consider being on the open road in outback Queensland with a broken radiator. Not a very pleasant prospect, with no water available, you could be miles and hours from any help.

In a minority of cases, a good home mechanic could successfully fix one of these radiators using a plastic weld kit, but the amount of time needed and the risk of the repair failing in the future is probably not worthwhile. The average cost of a new radiator is $300 to $900, on a car that could be worth $30,000 plus, so it’s a good investment.

If your radiator fails, it could overheat your engine causing thousands of dollars in repair expenses and lost time. It just does not make economic sense to try and save a few dollars and place yourself, your family and vehicle in such a vulnerable position.

Sealants often cause more problems to your cooling system and engine than they fix because they can block up the fine waterways in your radiator and engine block. This can cause water flow restrictions, overheating problems and often these temporary repairs fail.

If you are looking for a permanent fix for your radiator then call in to see the guys at the Radiator repair services on the Gold Coast. They will give you a quote and a guaranteed repair at a very competitive price


A Mechanic on the Gold Coast will give you a quote for fixing your radiator or replacing it and advising you on your best options so you can make an informed decision on the best and the most cost effective choice to make.