One of the largest investments most people make beside their homes is their car to provide a reliable safe vehicle to transport ourselves and our families to all sorts of places and functions. After spending thousands of dollars on our car, it only makes sense that we do everything we can to protect it and maintain its value. In order to make the most of it, having regularly checked and serviced by your friendly and professional mechanics in Currumbin will ensure its always ready when you are. Maintaining your car is much more than just getting it repaired when it breaks down. Preventative maintenance is the key to successful, reliable motoring.

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Don’t wait for your vehicle to tell there’s a problem

Keep an eye on the area under your car and go to see your mechanic if there are any drips or signs of leaking.

If you always wait until the dashboard light tells you there’s a problem, it could be too late.

When you take your vehicle in for a checkup, that’s what they do, they check everything so you know it’s done properly

  • They will check your battery, check it’s charging correctly and holding the charge as well as checking the terminals for corrosion.
  • Checking your Fluids is very important, especially as your vehicle ages. When your car parts are lubricated they will last much longer, in fact, if they are not well-lubricated they will fail very quickly.

Both the transmission fluid and engine oil can be checked with their dipsticks. Your mechanic will look at the quality of the oil and different fluids to make sure they’re still in perfect condition and top up or replace as necessary

  • Brake shoes or pads need to be inspected to ensure there is enough wear surface remaining and they’re the correct thickness. All the brake hardware, flexible hoses unions and brake lines will be inspected as well.
  • While the tires are off, it’s a good time to check for tread depth and inspect the tyre walls. The wheel bearings and kingpins will also be inspected for excess movement. Often this is a good time to rotate the tires and check the air pressure, including the spare.
  • Wheel Balancing and Alignment should be done every six months and more frequently if you travel a lot on unsealed or uneven roads as either condition can cause unsafe and uneven tyre wear.
  • Change the filters, there are a number of filters on most vehicles, the fuel filter and oil filter are the most commonly thought of, but the air cleaner has a filter and there is an inner cabin filter on the air conditioner. A dirty air filter can cause you to burn a lot of fuel, while a dirty cabin filter can cause bad odors inside when the air conditioner is on.
  • An all point service by your local mechanic in Currumbin is advisable each year. This would include such things as your wiring, suspension, steering, air bags and other safety features.

Neglecting to have your vehicle checked and maintained properly by your Currumbin mechanic will significantly reduce its working lifespan as well as its resale value. Prospective buyers often want to see receipts of work and maintenance done to access its value