One of the many things that vehicle owners experience at some stage is a leaky radiator. Sometimes this can come on suddenly, but usually, it happens over time and gradually gets worse until it’s noticed or causes major problems. It pays to have your vehicle checked by a mechanic who services radiators on the Gold Coast.

These are the major signs that your radiator is leaking:

  • A Drop in the Coolant Level

Modern radiators are normally equipped with an overflow reservoir that holds any liquid that overflows from the radiator when the engine heats up. This means that under normal circumstances, your radiator does not need topping up unless a leak had developed. As your vehicle ages, it becomes more likely for the level to drop slightly over time, but a large drop in the coolant levels indicates a leak

  • Puddling Under Your Vehicle

Sometimes your air conditioner can cause a puddle of liquid to form under your vehicle, but a puddle can also be caused by a leak so any liquid you notice needs to be investigated and if it’s green in colour it is sure a sign of your radiator leaking

  • Over Heating Engine

The cooling system is designed to keep your engine running at its optimum running temperature if there are signs of it overheating which can be seen on the temperature gauge or with a warning light on your dashboard. If you have a leak, your engine is likely to overheat so it’s time to take it to a specialist who services radiators on the Gold Coast for a check up

  • Discoloured or Corroded Fittings

If the coolant is leaking around joints or fittings it usually shows as a green stain or corrosion around the suspected area. It pays to take a look at all fittings and joints before you go on a long trip or when you stop to refuel to avoid breaking down on the open road. Most leaks are more obvious when the vehicle has warmed up or is running as the cooling system is under pressure so leaks show up more

  • Faulty Radiator Hoses

As a vehicle ages things like rubber radiator hoses and start to break down and become soft or cracked. These hoses are connected using clips and clamps that can also loosen as the rubber shrinks and softens as well as being due to engine vibrations causing the joints to leak. These are usually checked during a service by a mechanic who services radiators on the Gold Coast. Examine all the radiator hoses from time to time looking for cracks, abrasions or bulges, all suggest that it is time to have your radiator serviced

  • Dashboard Lights

You should never ignore dashboard lights and if you have warning lights that come on for no reason it is time for your electric’s to be checked as well,

Overheating lights are there to warn you of potential problems and by seeking the cause you can avoid costly repairs

If you have a leak in your radiator, your engine will overheat, there could be green water under your vehicle, your warning lights come on or temp gauge is reading high, so visit the specialist radiators shop on the Gold Coast.