The majority of drivers do not pay a great deal of attention to their tyres except to check the tyre pressure occasionally and to see if they have enough tread left, so are surprised to hear that having uneven or mismatched tyres can cause a lot of harm to your car especially in the drive train. Your friendly mechanic on the Gold Coast will assist you in checking your tyre wear. The following are some of the effects of uneven tyre wear:

Four-wheel-drives and all-wheel-drive vehicles

Even very small differences or variations in tread wear or patens can cause serious damage to drive trains and steering safety. Because of this, it’s important to maintain existing tyres properly and to carefully consider your options when you need to replace or repair tyres.

When replacing tyres you need to ensure all tyres are the same brand, size, model and the tread is worn to the same degree. Never place only one new tyre on a four-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive vehicle unless the others are very new. It’s better to find a 2nd hand replacement as long as it‘s the same, but it’s not recommended to use any tyres that are more than 6 years old so check the manufacturer’s date on them.

If you have a two-wheel-drive vehicle then it is acceptable to place two new tyres on the drive wheels, if the car is front-wheel-drive in the front, but if rear–wheel-drive in the rear so that the drive train is balanced. But you should always have good tyres on the steering or front for safety.


The drive trains on some vehicles are so sensitive that just a 6mm) ¼in) difference in the circumference of a tyre can lead to a major failure in their drivetrains.

Subaru’s are very sensitive to mismatched tyres or variations in tyres wear, even as little as a few millimeters can cause problems. European makes such as Audis and Porsches can also develop serious drivetrain problems if the tyres are not well matched.

Often your car dealer will either have a selection of good used tyres for whenever one of their cars needs one replacement used tyre or they will be able to advise you of where to get one.

Tyre Rotation

Have your tyres rotated in accordance with your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations or see your friendly mechanic on the Gold Coast and ask him to rotate your tyres, but make sure you include the spare tyre in the rotation so all five of your tyres wear at a similar rate.

Your tyre pressure needs to be checked at least once a month and it’s recommended to check them each time you go on a long trip or fill up with fuel.

Install a matching set of tyres

It’s really false economy to buy ill matching or different tyres as it can lead to expensive repairs to your transmission, steering and possibly make your vehicle unsafe especially in adverse weather conditions.

Talk with your local mechanic on the Gold Coast about your tyre needs as it’s not only a safety issue, but having mismatched of unevenly worn tyres can lead to damage caused by vibration to your drivetrain and steering, especially to four-wheel-drives or all-wheel-drive vehicles.