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If you’re in need of a great motor mechanic Gold Coast, then you are at the right place talk with the owners Glenn and Rachell considered the best and affordable among 10 BEST Mechanics in Currumbin QLD.. Glenn is a highly trained mechanic that will look after your car needs. You can be assured of a friendly welcome at our great family owned and operated Auto Service Centre on the Southern end of the Gold Coast. We provide top of the line service with competitive prices and a great after service backup. All our work is fully guaranteed; we’re well known in the community, having lived there all our lives and have a local reputation for being fair, honest and reliable. Our customer care program and professionalism are unbeatable anywhere on the Gold Coast.

Affordable Car service Mechanic in Currumbin on the Gold Coast

The modern motor mechanic has a varied role that covers all aspects of the auto repair service industry, from preventative maintenance and servicing to diagnosing auto problems quickly and accurately. Being an expert our motor mechanic Gold Coast can quickly and efficiently repair any type of vehicle damage or breakdown.

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Today’s motor mechanic needs to be well organised and knowledgeable, customers want to know they’re getting value for money spent and that the repairs and service are of the highest quality possible. Having an untidy workshop and casual attitude to the work is fine for a backyard operator, but not for the average person who trusts their vehicle and possibly life to the work their mechanic does on their vehicle.

With today’s high-speed lifestyle, fast pasted roads and heavy traffic volumes, often meaning driving is in the nose to tail traffic for many kilometres and hours each day, it is vital that your vehicle is always in first class condition. Proper servicing at the correct times by a competent mechanic is not an option, but an investment in your future. With the high cost of vehicles, both initially when you purchase them or while paying them off and the cost of replacing them skimping on maintenance just does not make any economic sense

Our Currumbin mechanics are well organised and efficient. As customers expect accurate quotes and assessments of the work that needs to be done, either before the job begins or as soon as our mechanic has inspected the vehicle enough to identify the problem. If our mechanic discovers additional problems, find the job to be more involved or will cost more, then we will inform or advise our customers before proceeding. As everyone is now easily contactable this should not be a problem.

Vehicle Maintenance Tips From Our Mechanic Currumbin | Mechanic Gold Coast

  • Basic vehicle maintenance is much more than just changing the oil and filters; it includes the scheduled replacement of parts such as drive and timing belts, clutch plates, brake pads or shoes and fluid.
  • Some parts in a modern vehicle are deliberately designed to be replaced at various stages of a vehicle’s life, such as rubber bushes, linkages, rubber hoses, rubber drive belts and fluids or lubricants. These disposable parts are very necessary as they protect by absorbing many of the impacts and vibrations from the engine, drive train or suspension that would otherwise impact or harm other less resistant of flexible areas. They help to reduce wear and damage to the more expensive internal parts of the engine, ensuring your vehicle has a long working life.

Modern Vehicles are much more complex than 50, 20 or even just 10 years ago and although our motor mechanics are competent in all areas, such as auto air conditioning, brakes, steering, suspension, radiator and cooling, exhaust, transmissions, tuning and diagnostics as well and mechanical repairs such as paint and bodywork.

A modern motor mechanic working on The Gold Coast is expected to keep up with all the latest trends and techniques in this constantly evolving industry. As all the latest vehicles arrive with new specifications and advanced features that a mechanic needs to be aware of while still being able to service and repair all of the older models.

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Expert Mechanic Currumbin | Gold Coast

Currumbin Radiators was founded in 1988, with the present owners Glenn and Rachell taking it over and successfully operating it since 2003. We added a full Auto air conditioning service and repair facility in 2004. With the need for a first-class motor mechanic service in Gold Coast, we expanded our business to include a full Auto Workshop enabling us to offer all types of motor mechanical services.

Now we have a wide customer base that includes private individuals, corporate fleets and contractors from all around the Gold Coast region. If you have issues with your vehicle anywhere near the Gold Coast, just Google “mechanic near me” or “mechanic gold coast” or “mechanic Currumbin” or “The 10 BEST Mechanics in Currumbin QLD” or “10+ Affordable Car Service Mechanics in Currumbin” on any device and you will quickly find us. You can check our location, reviews and customer testimonials as well as finding our contact details and a full list of the services we provide.

Our Currumbin mechanics have been taking care of all the local Gold Coast residents’ auto repair and servicing needs from the smallest issues to the most complex mechanical problems for many years. We will ensure a service that provides complete satisfaction and will have your vehicle back in first class order in the shortest possible time. You will be kept up to date with the progress of the work on your vehicle and quickly informed of any extra problems encountered.

We at Currumbin Radiators understand that our customers have busy lives and need to have the work done quickly efficiently and cost-effectively. Because there is a high demand for our car mechanic Gold Coast and our workshop is usually heavily booked. We request our customers to make advanced bookings where possible so they avoid unnecessary delays.

Types of Automobiles Mechanic Currumbin Deal With

Our Currumbin mechanics repair all types of vehicles, regardless of their age make or model. Glenn and Rachell are licensed mechanic Currumbin to issue Vehicle Safety Certifications and are Fully Approved, RACQ Recommended Repairers. Our workshop is equipped with the most advanced electronic technology to deal with the complex computerised nature of today’s vehicles and our mechanic on the Gold coast are highly trained technician who specialise in diagnosing problems and providing competitively priced solutions.

  • We service small economy cars
  • Auto and manual transmissions
  • Medium sized family vehicles
  • SUV’s, 4×4 and ATV type vehicles
  • Petrol, gas, diesel and hybrid engines
  • Trucks and vans of all sizes
  • We will also service farm and mining vehicles

All types of mechanical services on the Gold Coast as well as RACQ approved repairer.

Currumbin Radiators are approved by RACQ to make all types of repair for their members

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Prepurchase Inspections

When you are looking at purchasing a pre-loved vehicle there may be some issues that are not readily apparent, bring it to Currumbin Radiators and our experienced mechanic gold coast will thoroughly check it and give you a detailed report on its condition so you know just what you’re buying. We will suggest any probable up and coming issues and give you an idea of the cost of possible repairs so you can avoid a possible disaster or negotiate a better price in view of any issues found

Long Trip Inspections

When planning a long trip away from the coast, it is advisable to have your vehicle thoroughly checked to avoid any problems on route. We will check key areas such as tyres (including the spare), breaks, steering, suspension, cooling system, air conditioner, filters, drive belts, filters and electrics. This will help to ensure you have trouble free motoring over the long distances between major centres.

The Benefits of a Professional Car Mechanic Currumbin | Mechanic Gold Coast

There is no doubt that to work on today’s vehicles a mechanic on the Gold Coast needs to have up to date the technical knowledge and the right skills. When opening the bonnet of a modern vehicle most of us just recognise almost nothing under there.

Even the battery and radiator are hard to tell from the rest of the unfamiliar things there, even with the aid of the internet and many do it yourself videos unless you really know what you’re doing, today’s vehicles are best left to an expert, a professionally trained mechanic like the type of mechanic at Currumbin Radiators.

Our mechanics on the gold coast are very efficient and affordable, we have all the right equipment to do the job and without it, the job would be virtually impossible. A box of tools is not enough; you need the right computerised diagnostic tools and the experience to know just how to use them

Contact Glenn and Rachell Now! Call: 07 5598 3322, your local car mechanic Currumbin | mechanic Gold Coast.