The climate ensures that people regularly use their auto air conditioning systems on the Gold Coast. An air conditioner operates with the help of a compressor that pressurizes and circulates a special refrigerant throughout the system causing a cooling effect.

An air conditioner operates with two sides, the high pressure and low pressure sides. As the gas in the low pressure side is compressed and turned into a liquid on the high pressure side, it cools down; this movement of refrigerant allows the air conditioner to cool the interior of your vehicle.

An air conditioning system needs to be sealed in order to function properly so no gas can escape. With use and over time because the system is pressurized it can develop leaks and no longer be able to cool down your vehicle’s interior. When this happens, the air conditioning system needs to be serviced and the gas refilled.

When your auto air conditioning unit on the Gold Coast begins to lose its gas, it will usually give some symptoms such as:

  • A Loss of its Cooling Ability

The most noticeable sign that your vehicle’s air conditioner needs to be regassed is a change in its ability to cool your vehicle’s interior. This is usually due to a loss of the pressurized cooling gas. This can be a gradual decline in its cooling ability or it may happen suddenly

  • Air Conditioner Clutch Failing to Engage

With a properly functioning auto air conditioning unit there is usually a noticeable clicking sound as the clutch engages to pump the cooling gas into the compressor. This is triggered by a signal coming from the pressure switch as it reads the pressure levels of your air conditioner system. If you have lost some refrigerant gas then the pressure can drop and not activate the pressure switch to engage the clutch and your system will not operate properly.

  • Visible Refrigerant Leaks

Sometimes, although your auto air conditioning system on the Gold Coast is still operating there may be signs of leaking refrigerant. This can show as a greasy film on parts of the unit especially joints and hose fittings. There may even be a slight pool of refrigerant under the vehicle when parked, a sure sign your air conditioner needs to be serviced.

If you do not notice this, it will continue to leak until the unit ceases to function properly. If you suspect you have a leak in your air conditioner, then it’s advisable to have it serviced to avoid any possible internal damage that may occur.

Your local air conditioning service center on the Gold Coast will be able to give your whole system a complete inspection if you feel it may be losing its cooling ability. A regular maintenance check of your air conditioner and its components should be carried out during the vehicle’s regular service check.

Auto air conditioning systems on the Gold Coast, because of the semi tropical climate, often get used most of the time, so need to be serviced regularly. If they start to lose their cooling ability, it’s usually due to a loss of their refrigerant gas. The first signs are a reduction in efficiency and the clutch failing to engage with its familiar click.