Being stuck without air conditioning in your car is no fun on a hot summer day, especially as in a hot car temperature’s can quickly reach 60 degrees or more. But having a good air-con is also a safety issue as it can be dangerous being in a car during a heat wave, with temperatures often reaching dangerous levels. So look for the friendly guys at Car Air Conditioning on the Gold Coast

If your vehicle’s air-con is only giving you hot air, you should have it looked at immediately so it can be fixed.

The most common air con problems that you can troubleshoot by yourself to get your air-con running or at least you will have a good idea what’s wrong so can get it fixed.

The six most common car A/C issues are:

  • Leaking refrigerant
  • Blocked/clogged condenser
  • Broken condenser
  • Electrical issues
  • Faulty cooling fans
  • Bad compressor

Your Car is Leaking Refrigerant

Refrigerant leaks often happen around the unit hose connections so they are not too hard to spot. You may see an oily substance around these connections, clean it off and use an air conditioning sealant you can find at most auto parts suppliers to fix the leak.

A Blocked Condenser

The vehicle’s condenser is made to cool the air after being compressed using the airflow coming in the front as you drive. If you have a blocked condenser it will not be able to cool the refrigerant properly and your air-con will give you warm air.

The condenser is usually found at the front of the car, so is easy to visually inspect to see what’s blocking it. Remove this and the issue should be resolved.

The Condenser is Broken

If nothing is blocking the condenser it may have a hole in it, in this case, it will need to be repaired by a shop or replaced.

Electrical Issues

First, check the fuse links, you can find the fuse box in your owner’s handbook Electrical issues are often hard to find. First, do visual inspections of the wiring to see if any wires are disconnected, broken or frayed.

Mended and broken wires with electrical tape, but if you cannot locate the problem, take your vehicle to an expert mechanic on the Gold Coast

Faulty Cooling Fans

If the fans aren’t working properly, your condenser will not have air drawn through it. Check if the cooling fan is broken or damaged and that the drive belts are tight with a visual inspection.

Some cooling fans are electric so check the fuse and connections

The Compressor Has Gone Bad

If you do not use your compressor occasionally it can stop working so run it about once a month whether you need or not to keep it refreshed and prolong its working life

If you have our air conditioner serviced when you take your vehicle in for its regular service it will help to keep it in good condition for when you need it or take it to Car Air Conditioning on the Gold Coast so they can give it a checkup. Get into the habit of regularly running it to help to maintain it in working order.