Having a good efficient Auto air conditioning unit on the Gold Coast is a must for all cars. After the usual a long heatwave of the summer your aircon deserves a bit of T.L.C. These tips will help keep them well maintained.
  • During the times you don’t use your aircon, it still should be run for a while each week to help maintain the gas pressure, lubricate it internally and keep your compressor working properly It also helps to ensure the rubber seals remain moist and don’t start leaking. Run it for about 10 minutes on the coolest setting highest fan speed
  • Most aircon’s have a defrost mode for use in the winter, using this setting regularly for 10 to `5 minutes helps prevent the build up of mildew as it cleans out any buildup of moisture inside the unit or airways. This will help to eliminate any bad smells or odors. It’s also a great way to remove any excess moisture inside the cab and defrost the windscreen
  • Clean the condenser which is located in front of the radiator. It’s prone to getting leaves and other debris caught in it and can also collect dust reducing its cooling abilities.
  • Keeping the interior of the cabin clean with a regular vacuuming helps stop the cabin filter becoming choked with dust and grime
  • Do your own visual inspection from time to time. Look at your compressor and the hoses, see if there are any signs of a crack or leak. If you see any gas or oil stains on or around the compressor, any of the pipework leading to or from it or you notice any change in the compressor noise, there is any smell or there is a change in the cooling temperature or the function of your aircon unit, then take it to your mechanic for a check-up. Early detection can save a lot of time and expense
  • Does your engine run hot, excessive engine heat can adversely affect to running of your condenser and compressor?
  • The compressor is usually driven by a V belt form a pulley on the front of the engine, check this has no signs of wear and that it is tight
  • At least every two years your aircon needs to be serviced by a qualified air conditioning service agency. They need to do a full service check and re-charge the gas and add a lubricant if necessary. One of the main causes of aircon failure is not having enough internal lubrication, so it’s vital to stick to a regular servicing schedule from your auto air conditioning specialist on the Gold Coast
  • When using your air conditioner, it’s a good practice to use the recirculation mode as much as you can. This helps to increase the overall efficiency of your unit as it’s not having to cool hot external air all the time-saving in power and therefore fuel.
The recirculation mode also prevents dust and any type of unpleasant odor from entering your vehicle. Maintaining your air conditioning unit in prime condition can best be achieved by ensuring you run it regularly to maintain the internal pressure and lubricate the internal rubber joints and O rings as well as having its regular service checkups completed.