The best way to ensure you get a good mileage from your vehicle and avoid major and costly auto repairs is to have your vehicle regularly serviced. You can have this done by professional mechanics on the Gold Coast.

It is especially important to replace the different auto fluids on or before the manufactures recommended dates or mileage. If you spend a little money and time on your vehicle now it can save you needing costly, preventable repairs at a later date.

The main areas that need to be regularly checked are:


Every vehicle has fluids that need to be checked and kept topped up, these include:

  • Engine oils and filters, these need to be replaced every 5.000 to 10,000k depending on the oil and the manufactures recommendations
  • Transmission fluid levels need to be checked regularly and replaced as per the manufactures recommendations
  • Engine Coolant, this needs to be checked and topped up regularly and replaced on a regular basis
  • Brake fluids. You should check this before a long trip and have it replace every 2 years as brake fluid can absorb moisture from the air causing the internal brake parts to corrode
  • Battery fluid levels, most modern vehicles use maintenance free batteries that are sealed, but if you are using the older style battery you need to check the levels monthly

Auto transmission service

The majority of vehicles today have an auto transmission, which relies on transmission fluid for its smooth operation. To avoid the possibility of transmission failure, which is almost always very expensive, have your transmission serviced by a professional mechanic at the recommended times.

Air Conditioning

In Queensland an air conditioner that works properly is a must, not an option. The auto air conditioning mechanic on the Gold Coast are experts at quickly servicing your auto air conditioning unit or fixing any problems before they get out of control.

Radiator and Cooling System

Avoid overheating problems with any vehicle as overheating is the leading cause of engine and transmission failure. Have your vehicles cooling system regularly serviced by a professional radiator repair service is the best way to look after radiator, but do not forget to check it before long trips

Do not Ignore Problems

All modern vehicles are equipped with a variety of early warning devices that tell you when something is wrong. Warning lights appear for a reason and if you ignore them to are likely to encounter expensive problems. If you are driving and suddenly your vehicle seems different or begins to make strange noises, stop and investigate to determine the reason. These are signs that something has gone wrong and you need to discover the reason for these changes in the way your vehicle is behaving.

A good handy person can do many of the service requirements of a modern car, but it still needs an auto air conditioning mechanic on the Gold Coast to check it regularly.

Today’s modern vehicle is designed to last for years and provide trouble free motoring as long as you have the necessary service checks done at the required times. The engine oil is probably the most important fluid and you need to take notice of any warning lights