Many vehicles develop noisy brakes, the best way to deal with them is to visit your friendly local mechanic on the Gold Coast to have them serviced.

Some popular methods you can use to address this issue yourself f are:


Applying grease to the contact points in your brake assembly, but avoiding the rotor surface and the actual brake pads as these require friction to work. To do this you need to disassemble the brakes and apply a very small amount of special brake system grease to all the moving parts as you reassemble them

Install Shims

Brake pad shims are designed to take up any slack in the brake assembly that allows the brake pads to move around. Often shims have a rubber coating that absorbs vibration and prevents squeaks. These are available for most vehicle makes and models

Replace the Brake Pads and Rotors

Brake pads and rotors wear out after a while and need replacing. If they aren’t replaced when they wear down, they will eventually, get to the stage where there is metal to metal contact. This will cause a squealing noise. Under normal driving conditions, the brake pads will last about 80,000 to 100,000 kilometers. For city driving, this can be reduced and if you do a lot of long distance driving it may be extended.

Rotors typically last for 3 to 4 sets of brake pads, but they should be checked every time you have your vehicle serviced by your mechanic on the Gold Coast. If you do a lot of towing or downhill driving where you need to use your brakes a lot the rotor disk can become overheated and warped so the pads do not connect evenly which can cause noise.

If your vehicle is about to enter a wet or flooded area and you have recently applied the brakes the rotors could be very hot and can be damaged when they are quickly cooled by the water, so they should be checked by a competent mechanic on the Gold Coast.

Electronic Parking Brakes

Many modern vehicles are fitted with electronic parking brakes and these require a trained mechanic on The Gold Coast to service and repair them as they are activated by the vehicle’s on-board computer system.

Some Types of Brakes are Always Noisy

With most types of vehicles, the brake system is designed to work smoothly and quietly under normal driving conditions, but often high performance vehicles and those modified for heavy towing with heavy duty brake systems can come with an inherent noise problem, especially when they are cold. These brake systems are much heavier and last a lot longer under heavy work conditions than standard brakes

If your vehicle is starting to make noises when you apply the brakes, on most models you can make a quick visual check by looking at the rotor and pads without removing them. The rotor should look smooth and shiny without and scratches grooves or ridges. Sometimes when worn there is a lip you can see or detect by touching. It is important your brakes are working and in good condition so if in doubt take your vehicle into your friendly mechanic on the Gold Coast to have your brakes serviced.