Keeping your vehicle well maintained is much the same as going to the dentist or doctor for your regular checkup. The old philosophies, if it’s not broken, then don’t worry about fixing it just isn’t good for your personal health care and not good for your vehicle. Your local mechanic shop on the Gold Coast is well equipped and experienced to do your entire vehicle’s routine maintenance.

You may have a new vehicle that still has the new car look and feel, but there are lots of things needing routine attention, such as the oil and other lubricants, brakes and tires. Today’s vehicles are built to last a long time, but they include various parts that are designed to take the strain of motoring. These parts will wear out, but in doing so, they will protect the other areas of your vehicle that would be much more expensive to fix or replace. Clutch plates, drive belts, fuse links and rubber bushes are just a few of these parts that need to be checked at regular intervals.

These are some of the Benefits of Regular Maintenance:

  • To keep your vehicle running more efficiently

Having a regular tune up will keep your engine running efficiently, as engines age, they wear a little and need to be readjusted. This also allows your mechanic to detect any problem areas that if left, could cause you a major inconvenience such as a breakdown. Preventive maintenance is always better than costly repairs

  • Improved Fuel Efficiency

With the price of fuel today, it’s important your vehicle is running as efficiently as possible. Having a dirty air or fuel filter can reduce your overall efficiency as well as increase the pollution levels from your exhaust. Your local mechanics on the Gold Coast will check these when they service your car

  • Warranty Coverage

New and near new cars are covered by a warranty and sometimes an extended warranty, but to keep them valid you need to maintain a Documented Service Schedule, if you don’t then it’s most likely any warranty claims you make will be denied

  • Maintain Your Vehicle Value

It’s always hard to tell much about a used vehicle when you’re purchasing it. Most buyers now want to see a proper full service record so they can be sure that it has been properly taken care of. This will ensure your vehicle retains its value

  • Safety

It is vital your car’s safety features are well maintained, such things as brakes, lights, including indicators, your horn, windscreen wipers and the tyres all need to be in good working condition. An indicator that’s not working could lead to an accident and malfunctioning brakes to a disaster

  • Avoid Getting Stranded

Having your vehicle properly maintained by mechanics on the Gold Coast will help you avoid being stranded if your vehicle breaks down. A normal service is very cost efficient and gives you peace of mind.

The benefits of having a routine maintenance check done regularly on your vehicle, far outweigh the hassles of breaking down or costly repairs that could have been prevented if you had had your vehicle serviced. Modern vehicles are built to last, but they still need regular maintenance just like people.