Your vehicle’s headlights as well as the other lights such as indicators and brake lights being external are subject to environmental assaults from the elements such as pollution, road salt, dust and UV rays from the sun.

Early model vehicles had headlights made of glass, but modern headlights are made using hard polycarbonate plastics that are covered with a tough and durable hard coat to protect them. If your headlights have turned foggy or yellow your local mechanics in Currumbin can easily fix them for you or you can try doing it yourself.

Cleaning your Headlights

In order to ensure you get a long life from your headlights and they remain clear you need to protect them from the elements and particularly UV rays. This is because the clear coat on them will eventually become oxidized and dull giving a yellowish or foggy appearance. Using the wrong types of cleaner, especially an abrasive one can cause the surface to break down.

Often this happens slowly so you don’t notice it or consider it just a cosmetic problem, but this can affect the amount of light emitted so you do not have enough eliminated area infront of you when travelling at night which can be annoying and also extremely dangerous especially in inclement weather conditions.

Preventive measures

The normal routine vehicle washing will not effect the headlights or the clear protective cover on all the other lights as long as it doesn’t have any grit or cutting compounds included. If you find that oxidation has already started, then this can be removed using automotive soap and nonabrasive auto-polish.

If the damage is advanced the best option is to have the old clear protective coat removed and replaced with a new protective film, although you can get a short term benefit by cleaning them using toothpaste.

The toothpaste method

Use a toothpaste with plaque-removing chemicals, apply a liberal amount to a damp sponge and rub it directly in a slow circular pattern on your headlights and any other lights that look faded.

Rinse off with clean water and polish with car polish to get a new shine and restore their brightness. This will last for several months.

A more permanent fix

Use a 400 to 600 grit wet and dry sandpaper to gently remove the old coating. Start sanding in small circles and cover the whole lens, but be sure to avoid touching any chrome or paint work as he sandpaper will damage them. Use lots of water to help see your progress and ensure you don’t miss any area.

Apply a new clear protective coat according to the directions. It’s very important the light is completely dry and free of any dust, so clean it with pure alcohol. Mask off the whole surrounding area, then spray on the new protective coat.

Your local mechanics in Currumbin will be able to refurbish your headlights at a very reasonable price to save you the hassle and worry about not doing it the right ay. They are experienced in dealing with minor as well as major repairs and it’s vital your headlights are providing you the best possible light at night by restoring them to their original condition.